Mushroom Warrior

This is a gift for my friend Camber Arnhart, part of a zine organized by friends for their birthday.
It's an AR app where you can check out the model and rotate it around, or place it on your desk, if you'd like.
You can download the AR toy here, and download the zine over here.

In-engine preview
Mushroom Warrior
Scene Assets
Illustration of the mushroom warrior opening a bottle that is full with smoke. The smoke floats upwards and displays a QR code. The background is filled with colored smoke.
Zine illustration.
The QR code takes you to the AR page!
IN-app screenshot of the 3D scene in unity. A 3D model of the mushroom warrior in the ruins sits on a dark background with greenish water, and fog floating all around
In-app screenshot of the non-AR mode.
Colored pencil sketch of the illustration of the mushroom warrior, done in purples and blues.
Sketch of the illustration
Four color concepts of the mushroom warrior, done by camber arnhart.
Original design and concept art by Camber Arnhart